CTV Concussion Special – Ted Toogood and Charles Tator

Dr. Charles Tator, expert on concussion discusses research into the complications of concussion including depression and permanent damage.

Impact: Concussion and Sport

A young soccer player shares her experience with complications of multiple concussions. Experts explain what happens to people that have had concussions, and the longevity of the effects of concussion.

Too Many Concussions: Life with TBI

A video presenting the complications that can occur with multiple concussions created by a friend of a 24 year old who sustained 8 concussions.

WVUs Dr. Julian Bailes on ABCs Nightline Program: Long-term Impact of Concussions

A neurosurgeon discusses the long-term impact of concussions to NFL football players.

Post Concussive Syndrome – How I’ve Dealt with It

A young girl shares her experience with multiple concussions and post concussion syndrome.