Concussion 101: A Primer for Kids and Parents

A whiteboard video providing an overview of concussion including cause, signs and symptoms and recovery.

Concussion 101: Update

Concussion management and return to learn

Concussion 101: Symptoms, Risk and Return to Play

Concussion experts discuss signs and symptoms of concussion and what you can do to help prevent head injuries.

Concussions and Female Athletes

Leading experts, athletes and coaches provide an overview of concussion with a focus on female athletes including causes, recovery and prevention.

Explain It To Me: Concussions

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains the physiology of concussions and the long-term effects of suffering one.

Head Games

Steve James
A revealing documentary about the silent concussion crisis in sports. Athletes from the professional to the youth levels share their personal struggles in dealing with the devastating and long-term effects of concussions.

Keeping Quiet Can Keep You Out of the Game

A high school athlete tells her story and emphasizes that concussions are a serious injury and the importance of taking time to recover.

Pediatric Concussions: Early Recognition and Treatment

The Truth on Concussions: Mythbusters

Experts in the evaluation and treatment of concussions in children address some of the most common myths about concussions.

The Concussion

The impact of filmed injuries on YouTube, and lack of understanding around the dangers of concussions and sporting injuries.

Sports Concussions

Unmasking Concussion in BC An evening with hockey legend Ken Dryden

Wipe Out – Movie Trailer

Wipe Out – Chris Tutin Excerpt

Wipe Out – Jon Gocer Excerpt